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The Scratch A4 Event - Saturday June 10th

We love parties, us.

We got a bit of a reputation for our launch dos last year but we're only publishing one book this year - so we've decided to put on a short story event this summer in London.

Going out, meeting people, enjoying an array of stories - that "drunkenness of things being various..." it's ancient and nourishing and undimmed.

So, on 10th June, come along and join us at The Blue Posts pub on Berwick st in Soho. Get your ticket here...

There'll be six amazing stories, a bar full of delicious drinks and lots of exciting people out on a Saturday night. Then we'll announce the prize-winning story!

Places are limited - we started with 50 tickets but are down to our last 20 at time of writing. Get your tickets early, tell your friends to get their tickets early and we'll see you there!

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