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The Scratch A4 Competition - Deadline 30th April

There's only three weeks left until the closing date of our Scratch A4 competition!

Enter your really short short story (a thousand words or less) to be in with a chance to win professional feedback on your writing from Scratch Books' publisher, Tom Conaghan.

We're putting on a really exciting event in Soho, London in June and we want six exhilarating stories for the party.

And, of course, if you need any help writing a brilliant short story, remember to buy the Reverse Engineering books here!

Our six short-listed stories will be chosen by a very prestigious team of judges including:

  • Jessica Lee of AM Heath Literary Agency

  • Daisy Arendell of Ink84 bookshop

  • Tom Conaghan of Scratch Books


Submit an unpublished story with a word count of 1000 words or less.

Make sure you can get to Soho on the evening of 10th June.


Send us your head-noddin', floor-fillin' Saturday night febrile stories! Click here for the entry form!

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