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Scratch A4 Summer '24 - Submissions Open

Submissions are now open for the summer Scratch A4 until 25 May...

Enter your < 1000 word story for the Summer '24 event on Saturday 6 July.

The Judges are:

Francesca Reece - the author of Glass Houses (2024), Voyeur (2021), and the 2019 recipient of the Desperate Literature Prize.

Laurie Robertson - literary agent with Peters Fraser and Dunlop.

Tom Conaghan - publisher of Scratch Books.

Scratch A4 Summer '24 will be held upstairs at the Blue Posts pub, Berwick Street,  

London, W1F OQA (not the other Blue Posts pub).

If your story is chosen in the shortlist of six, you will need to be able to get to Soho on 6 July - even if you're not shortlisted, we really do recommend you come along anyway for a night of wonderment and good cheer.

Looking for inspiration? Read the six shortlisted pieces from our two 2023 events...

The Winter 2023 event​ features pieces from... 

Dan Draper

Liz Churchill

Laura Martens

Jon Stapley 

Ellie Redpath

Lucy Townsend

The Summer 2023 event features work from... 

Liz Churchill

Daniel Janes

Emily McDonald

David Micklem

Ian Nettleton

Sofie De Smyter 

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