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Pre-order THE POET & THE ECHO - Subscribers' Offer

Pre-orders are now open for The Poet & the Echo before its launch on 12th September.

Touching and powerful stories written in response to ten poems, The Poet & the Echo features amazing authors, such as Jenni Fagan taking inspiration from Anne Finch, Jessie Greengrass from Christopher Smart, Leila Aboulela from Rumi, David Almond from Robert Louis Stevenson, and 6 other lyrical and arresting tales.

“Like two palms pressed together across the ages – the space in between the poems and stories becomes a place to listen carefully for hidden truths. A wonderful collection to experience and enjoy.”

- Sophie Haydock, author of The Flames.

The Poet & the Echo will be available in bookshops from September 12th.

However, as a small press, we'd be HUGELY grateful if you pre-ordered it directly from our online shop. As a thank you to everyone who subscribes to our site, please use the code Subscribe25 for 25% off the price at the checkout.

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