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Buy Scratch Books - Winter Sale!

For all friends and family interested in how fiction works, buy 'em the Reverse Engineering books... At a special 30% off, all December!

The Reverse Engineering series reveals the inspiration, ideals and work involved in the greatest short stories.

Bringing together contemporary classic stories with their authors’ discussions of how they were written.

‘Rich with insight into the craft and the art of the short story, this book will delight both writers and readers.’ Monica Ali, author of Brick Lane

‘Reverse Engineering will be of huge interest to both practitioners and fans of the short story and to anyone interested in how art gets made. An anthology to inspire and encourage anyone who reads it.’ Colin Barrett, author of Young Skins

‘This impressive collection reads like a celebration of the craft of story-writing itself. The triumph of Reverse Engineering is that despite accepted norms of short story craft, every author offers something different.’ The Guardian

‘A collection of hugely illuminating conversations, packed with insights into everything from inspiration and the drafting process to setting, character, theme, ideology and the handling of voice, point of view, structure and style.’ Times Literary Supplement

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